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Compaq (コンパック) ProSignia 310 6300A (ver. 2.­21 B) がリリースした 1999.01.26.

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カテゴリー パソコン
ブランド Compaq (コンパック)
デバイス ProSignia 310 6300A
オペレーションシステム Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 3.x
バージョン 2.­21 B
ファイルサイズ 1.18 Mb
リリース 1999.01.26

Compaq (コンパック) ProSignia 310 6300A ドライバ を発見しダウンロードするリンクへ準備します

Netelligent 56K ISA Modem K56flex-to-V.­90 Firmware Upgrade Wizard for Compaq ProSignia 310 6300A Type: Driver - Modem This software contains the files needed to install the K56flex-to-V.­90 Upgrade Wizard,­ which upgrades the modem firmware to the V.­90 standard on Compaq Netelligent 56K ISA Data/­Fax Modems.­ The Upgrade Wizard allows the user to switch easily among the following three firmware versions at any time: 1.­ Failsafe backup of the original modem firmware.­ 2.­ K56Flex transitional firmware (V.­ 2.­013C,­ "V.­90-aware").­ NOTE: This firmware permits tracking the modem's connections and detects when the ISP's modems have been upgraded to the V.­90 standard.­ 3.­ Final V.­90 firmware (V.­ 2.­100).­ The Upgrade Wizard performs the following: 1.­ Detects the modem and reads the current firmware version.­ 2.­ Backs up the current firmware of the modem to the user's hard disk for possible later use.­ 3.­ Lets the user choose to upgrade the modem with either the K56flex transitional firmware or the V.­90 firmware.­ 4.­ Monitors the connections the modem makes with ISPs and detects if the ISP has V.­90 capability.­ If V.­90 capability is detected,­ the user is notified when subsequently running the Update Wizard.­ The user is then prompted to update the modem with the V.­90 firmware.­

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